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Flashing Fleur de Lis Charm Mardi Gras Beaded Necklace for Fat Tuesday


🌟 Be the glow of Mardi Gras with white LED-lit Fleur de Lis charms adorning a festive 31-inch necklace.

🔋 Enjoy a brilliant parade night with replaceable AG13 batteries ensuring your necklace stays lit up for the entire celebration.

💜💛💚 Adorn yourself with six Fleur de Lis charms in iconic Mardi Gras colors, with two purple, two gold, and two green charms.

🎭 Easy activation with a pull tab and button on the battery housing, designed for quick use during the hustle of festivities.

🌃 Illuminate the night with three enchanting LED functions to flash, blink, or maintain a steady glow amidst the parade’s excitement.

📏 Perfectly sized charms at 1-inch square each, offering an elegant yet noticeable statement piece for any outfit.

💡 Light up the route with a necklace that provides safety and style, featuring a breakaway clasp for quick release if needed.

✨ Transition seamlessly through Mardi Gras merriment with LED functions that match the rhythm of the night, from vibrant flash to a steady presence.

🍀 Get in the spirit with a necklace that’s as functional as it is decorative, perfect for turning heads at the parade or party.

🎉 A harmonious blend of tradition and tech, this necklace brings a modern twist to the classic Mardi Gras beads.

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🎭 Hey folks, I’m Oric, the necklace that turns the Mardi Gras up a notch! 💜💛💚

Are you ready to be the sparkliest reveler at the parade? With me, you’ll light up the night and possibly outshine the moon! 🌜

I come with six charming Fleur de Lis charms, each one lit by a brilliant white LED that says, “I’m here to party!” 🎉

Not just pretty, I’m smart too! With a breakaway clasp, I’ll stick with you through the wildest dances but come off in a jiffy when you need a break. 💃🕺

My beads are a colorful homage to Fat Tuesday – two purple, two gold, two green – ensuring you’re draped in Mardi Gras magnificence. ✨

I’m 31 inches of beaded brilliance with each charm sized at a cute 1-inch square, the perfect proportion to complement your festive attire. 📏

To get this light show started, simply remove the pull tab and hit the button on my battery housing for flash, blink, or steady modes. 🔦

No need for boring, non-lit necklaces when you can have me, Oric, the life of the light-up party! 🥳

Whether you’re at the parade or any nighttime festivity, I’m your go-to for that glow-in-the-dark chic. 🌟

Grab your Light Up Fleur de Lis Jewelry Necklace, and let’s make this Mardi Gras one that even the stars will envy! 🌠