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Aqua LED Kitty Cat Ear Headband


  • 🐱 Aqua Kitty Ears: Drench yourself in aquatic charm with our Aqua Starlight Kitty Ears Light Up Headband. A must-have accessory for cat lovers and party enthusiasts alike!
  • 💡 LED Magic: Featuring alluring aqua LEDs, this headband promises to add an enchanting glow to any outfit, stealing the spotlight at any gathering.
  • 🕺 Disco On Demand: With three distinct LED functions – Blink, Flash, and Steady, you can create a personal light show that matches your vibe!
  • 🏞️ Aqua Aesthetics: The soothing aqua hue of this headband not only adds a dash of color to your outfit but also brings a calming ambiance to any occasion.
  • 🌠 Starlight Design: Inspired by the night sky, this headband lends a celestial touch to your look, making it ideal for themed parties or just a night out.
  • 💁‍♀️ Lightweight Comfort: With a weight of only 0.092 lbs, this headband promises ultimate comfort. Dance, jump, or party all night without feeling weighed down!
  • 🔋 Replaceable Batteries: Powered by two replaceable CR1220 batteries, this headband ensures a long-lasting, dazzling performance throughout your celebrations.
  • 📏 One Size Fits All: With dimensions of 6.25″ x 6″, the flexible design of this LED headband ensures a comfortable fit for everyone.
  • 🎁 Ideal Gift: This Aqua Starlight Kitty Ears Light Up Headband makes for a delightful gift for your loved ones who enjoy a bit of glitz and glam in their attire.
  • 🎊 Versatile Use: Be it Halloween, concerts, birthdays, or just a random dance party at home, this headband can turn any mundane event into a vibrant one.
Quantity Price
1-3 $3.59
4-6 $3.54
7-11 $3.49
12-71 $3.44
72-143 $3.39
144-287 $3.29
288-575 $3.19
576-1151 $3.09
1152+ $2.99

Hello! I am Aqua Venditta, your new best friend and head-turning accessory. Now, you might be wondering, why Aqua Venditta? Well, it’s simple. Just like the ocean, I’m vast, captivating, and ever-changing. And Venditta, well, I’m here to avenge all boring headbands out there.

As a fabulous Aqua Starlight Kitty Ears Light Up Headband, I bring the perfect wave of feline charm and LED magic to your life. Just the right blend of playful and sleek, I promise to make you the belle of the ball.

My smooth, flexible band stretches to fit heads of all sizes. I’m lightweight and comfortable, so you won’t feel any pressure, even after hours of wear. I weigh just 0.092 lbs. It’s as if I’m practically floating on your head!

I’m not just a pretty face, though. I’m powered by (2) CR1220 batteries, and unlike my other siblings, my batteries are replaceable. Yes, that’s right! I’m the one who keeps going even when the others fade out.

My LED colors are an aqua dream, reminiscent of crystal-clear tropical waters, lighting up the room with a serene yet exciting vibe. I can Blink, Flash, or hold a Steady light, depending on your mood or the party theme.

So if you’re tired of being ordinary, why not give me a try? I assure you, once you put me on, you’ll never want to take me off. So, ready to light up your life with Aqua Venditta, your new favorite headband? Let’s go

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