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Animated Light Up Dancing Flames Devil Acrylic Horn Headband


Feeling a little devilish? Show your playful side with this Light Up Dancing Flames Devil Horn Headband! Let it be known when the devil made you do it any time of year, even if you’re usually a perfect angel. Especially fun at Halloween and perfect for wicked parties of two or more.

Dimensions: 6.5″ x 3″
LED Colors: White
Mode: 1 LED function: Animated dancing flames.
Weight: 0.27 lbs
Batteries: 2 Replaceable CR2032 Batteries pre-installed


Quantity Price
1-5 $3.89
6-11 $3.84
12-23 $3.79
24-143 $3.74
144-287 $3.69
288-498 $3.59
499-998 $3.49
999+ $3.39

🔥Hey there, hot stuff! I’m Ella Fire, the Animated Light Up Dancing Flames Devil Acrylic Horn Headband, but you can call me Ella.👹

🌶️Did you know I’m all about the heat? Spicy food, hot summers, and especially FIRE! I mean, look at me! My horns are like little flames dancing on your head. But don’t worry, no actual fire here, safety first! 🚒

😇I have this teeny-tiny dream to get into heaven despite my devilish looks and passion for all things fiery. I think my LED-lit, animated flames might just warm their hearts.💖

👉With just a touch of a button, I turn into a sizzling sensation with my animated hellfire! I’m sure even the angels will be awe-struck (shhh, don’t tell them I said that)! 🎇

🔋Did I mention my batteries are replaceable? Yep! I run on two CR2032 batteries. So, our fiery adventures won’t be cut short. We’re in it for the long haul, baby!🔥

🤘My dimensions are 6.5″ x 3″, and I weigh a mere 0.264 lbs. I’m light as a feather! So, you can rock the night away without breaking a sweat. And guess what? I’m a one-size-fits-most kinda gal. My flexible black frame stretches to fit heads of all shapes and sizes. 🎩

🎉If you’re looking for the ultimate “light up devil horn headband” or the perfect accessory for a “flame-themed costume party”, I’m your girl! Ideal for “Halloween”, “dance parties”, or any “hot themed events”. Trust me, with these “LED dancing flames”, you’ll be the hottest thing since sliced jalapeños! 🌡️

💌So, whaddaya say? Wanna take a walk on the wild side with your fiery new friend, Ella Fire? Let’s set the world ablaze! 🔥👑💃

  • 🔥 Hey, hotshot! Ella Fire here! My horns are made of clear acrylic and are ablaze with yellow, orange, and red flames. They dance like there’s no tomorrow when white LEDs shine through them. Ain’t I a dazzler? 🕺💃
  • 🎚️ Let’s get this party started! With just a push of a button, you can unleash my animated hellfire. I know you can’t resist my devilish charm. Give in to temptation and let’s light up the night together! 🌃
  • 🤟 I’m super comfy! My horns are mounted on a soft, flexible black frame that stretches to fit most sizes. So, whether you have a petite noggin or a majestic melon, I’ve got your back… or, um, your head! 🎩
  • 🔋 Worried about my flames dying down? Don’t be! My fiery spirit is powered by two replaceable CR2032 batteries. So, we can keep the blaze burning all night long! 🌌
  • 💡 My LED colors are to die for. The flickering white lights make my flames dance like they’re at a disco inferno! You’ll definitely steal the show at any party. 🎊
  • 📏 I’m just the right size to keep things sizzling! With dimensions of 6.5″ x 3″, I’m big enough to be noticed but small enough to not be a burden. I’m the Goldilocks of devil horn headbands! 🐻
  • ⚖️ I’m light as a feather, weighing in at only 0.264 lbs. With me on your head, you’ll forget I’m even there – until you see everyone’s envious glances, of course. 😏
  • 🌡️ I LOVE all things hot and fiery, just like my personality! If you’re into spicy foods, blazing summers, and warm hearts, we’re a match made in… well, not heaven, but somewhere equally awesome! 🌶️
  • 👼 Speaking of heaven, between you and me, my dream is to make it through the pearly gates. Think they can handle all this hotness? Let’s find out together! 😇
  • 🎁 Looking for the perfect gift or accessory for a sizzling event? Take me along! Halloween, costume parties, or a night on the town – with me, Ella Fire, you’ll always be the hottest one there! 🔥💋


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