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9 Bulbs Huge Old School Wearable Christmas Light Necklace


  • 🎄 Yuletide Extravaganza: Don’t just celebrate Christmas; become Christmas! With a glorious necklace length of 40 inches and individual bulb dimensions of 1.25 x 2 inches, Joy the LED Necklace offers an all-in-one festive experience.
  • 💡 Nine Big Bulbs: Sporting nine large, colorful bulbs that come alive with the power of LED, you’re sure to turn heads and light up the room—literally!
  • 🎨 Multi-Color Shells: Not one, not two, but four vibrant shell colors—Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue—ensure that you radiate holiday cheer from every angle.
  • 💫 Three Light Functions: Equipped with Twinkle, Blink, and Steady light functions, this necklace offers a personalized lighting experience for every mood and occasion.
  • 🎅 Perfect for Tacky Sweater Parties: Planning on joining an “Ugly Sweater” contest this Christmas? Pair Joy with your chosen sweater and be the uncontested winner!
  • 🔋 Battery-Powered Brilliance: Operated by three AG13 batteries, Joy offers a long-lasting glow. Plus, these batteries are replaceable, ensuring that your holiday spirit never dims.
  • ⚖️ Light as a Feather: Weighing just 0.198 lbs, Joy promises a comfortable wear, making it the perfect accessory for all your holiday adventures, from dancing to dashing through the snow.
  • 👌 Breakaway Clasp for Safety: No need to worry about getting caught in the holiday frenzy; the breakaway clasp ensures quick and safe removal.
  • 💃 One Size Fits Most: With generous dimensions and a flexible design, this necklace is suitable for Christmas enthusiasts of all ages and sizes.
  • 🎁 Gift-Ready: Perfect for gifting, this necklace comes ready-to-wear. Give the gift of Joy to friends, family, or yourself this holiday season!
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.99
3-5 $3.94
6-8 $3.89
9-11 $3.84
12-71 $3.79
72-143 $3.69
144-287 $3.59
288-575 $3.49
576+ $3.29

Helloooooo, Christmas lovers! 🎄 I’m Joy, the necklace that’ll light up your life, and your ugly Christmas sweater! 😂🎅

Have you ever wanted to be the human embodiment of a Christmas tree? Look no further. I’m the 9 Big Bulbs Light Up Christmas Necklace, and I am ready to JINGLE YOUR BELLS! 🎉💡

Ah yes, Tacky Sweater Parties. You’ve got the sweater but how about that extra sparkle? Let’s be real. Wearing me around your neck is like winning the Christmas Olympics. You’ll literally outshine the competition. 🏆✨

I’m like the Swiss Army knife of necklaces. I do more than just dangle around. With my three light functions—Twinkle, Blink, and Steady—I’m practically the party DJ of light-up jewelry. 💫🎵

Worried about safety? Never fear! I come with a breakaway clasp. That’s right, I can break up with you, but you can’t break up with me! Just kidding! It’s there for easy removal and safety, duh! 🤗👍

Now, let’s talk specs. I’m a multi-color wonder with Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue shell colors. Inside, I glow with pure, heavenly White LED colors. I’m lightweight, too, weighing in at a mere 0.198 lbs, perfect for dancing the night away. 🕺💃

To turn me on (wink, wink), just pull my tab and press my button. So yes, I’m easy—but only in the best way. 😉🔴

Powered by (3) AG13 batteries, you won’t have to worry about me fading out like last year’s fruitcake. Best part? The batteries are replaceable. So we’re in for the long haul, baby! 🎁🔋

Dimensions? I’ve got plenty. My necklace length is 40 inches, and my bulbs are 1.25 x 2 inches of pure festive glory. So you could say I’m big where it counts. 📏👌

In short, if you want to be the belle or beau of the Tacky Sweater Ball, or just bring a little light to the Christmas table, then you need a slice of this holiday pie. 🎄🥧

Don’t just bring Joy to the world, wear it! 🌟💖

Toodles! 🎅👋

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