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7 Color Foam Cheer Stick USA Flag 4th of July


🇺🇸💫 I’m Old Glory Glower, your own personal light-up piece of America! At 16″x1.5″, I’m the perfect size to wave around or place on display. Plus, I’m feather-light at just 0.258 lbs!

💡🎆 I come with 6 LED functions for a spectacular light show – from a patriotic strobe to a slow color change. With a press of my button, you can even set me to steady white light or a flashy red, white, and blue mode!

🔋🔄 Don’t worry about me running out of energy during the party. I work with (3) replaceable AG13 batteries to keep the festivities going!

🥳🌟 I’m not just your typical light-up foam stick. I’m a hit at 4th of July parties, contributing to the festive atmosphere with my vibrant lights and patriotic design.

🍎🥧 As American as apple pie, I’m adorned with the classic stars and stripes motif. So, even when I’m not all lit up, I’m still a patriotic sight to behold!

🚀🌠 My dream is to become the biggest American flag visible from space. While I might not be there yet, in the meantime, I promise to light up your events with as much spirit and vigor!

🗽🎈 Celebrating the land of the free is my number one goal! Be it a parade, a barbecue, or a firework show, I’m your go-to Patriotic LED Cheer Wand for all occasions!

⭐🎉 Think of me as your beacon of fun and unity. I’m here to add that touch of American pride and joy to any event. So let’s raise our glasses to life, liberty, and the pursuit of partying!

🌃🔦 I shine brighter than a city on a hill! At the push of a button, I can flash and strobe in the colors of the American flag, bringing a touch of patriotic flair to any nighttime celebration.

🇺🇸💙 Above all, I am the embodiment of the spirit of America. With my light, I strive to represent the brightness and optimism that our great nation stands for. So here’s to an illuminated future, full of celebrations and shared joy!

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.99
3-5 $2.98
6-11 $2.94
12-49 $2.89
50-99 $2.84
100-199 $2.79
200-499 $2.74
500-999 $2.69
1000+ $2.59

Hello there, folks! I am Old Glory Glower, the patriotic life of the party! 🎉

First things first, let me tell you I’m as American as apple pie, and my dream? Well, it’s to become the biggest American flag that even the folks up in the International Space Station can see me waving! Now wouldn’t that be a sight? 🚀

Decked out in a dazzling stars and stripes motif, I light up with the pride of red, white, and blue. With just a push of my button, I can transform into 6 wonderful LED functions. Now who said a stick couldn’t be versatile? 💁‍♂️

Oh, did I mention my USA Flag LED Foam Stick credentials? Yep, I’m an absolute hit at all those 4th of July Glow Stick parties. When I say I light up a room, I really mean it! 🌟

Strobe lights, slow color change, steady white light, and flashy red, white, and blue modes are all at your fingertips with me. I’m the Patriotic LED Cheer Wand that keeps the party spirit high and the patriotism higher! 🎆

My slim 16″x1.5″ body makes me easy to handle and wave around. Despite my lightweight nature (a mere 0.258 lbs), my spirit is as heavy as the liberty bell. Plus, I run on (3) replaceable AG13 batteries to keep the party going! 🎈

In the world of Stars and Stripes Light-up Batons, I consider myself a beacon of fun and unity. Just think of me as your personal American Flag Flashing Foam Stick, creating an atmosphere of joy and national pride wherever I go. I mean, what’s more American than that? 🦅

So, when you’re thinking about lighting up your next event, remember me, Old Glory Glower, your faithful, fun-loving, and fantastically flashy companion. Here’s to life, liberty, and the pursuit of partying! 🍻