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Light Up Mini Multicolored Round Tambourine


🌟 Embrace the luminous trio of LED colors – vibrant Green, brilliant Blue, and playful Pink, ready to illuminate your tunes. 🌈

🔋 Power up the party! Chad runs on three AAA batteries, ensuring your beats are bright and replaceable for endless fun. 🔁

📏 Petite and portable, Chad boasts a 5″ diameter, perfect for hands of all sizes to shake up the dance floor. 🎶

🎉 Unleash the light show with a simple pull tab removal and a press of the ON/OFF button – Chad is user-friendly and fun! 🎈

🚨 Get the strobe going with Chad’s first LED function, turning any room into a dancehall with pulsing lights. 💃

✨ Dive into a dynamic display with the Chasing Flash feature, where Chad’s lights sprint around in a mesmerizing dance. 🏃‍♂️💫

🎨 Mix up the mood with the Color Change/Blink Combo, cycling through Chad’s LED spectrum for a captivating glow. 🔄

🕺 From slow sways to fast frenzies, Chad’s LEDs sync with your rhythm, making every moment shine. 💖

💡 Eco-friendly entertainment – Chad is designed with replaceable batteries, reducing waste and increasing joy. ♻️

🎵 Not just a visual treat, Chad’s sturdy build and crisp sound add a tactile and auditory dimension to your festivities. 🔊

Quantity Price
1-2 $3.49
3-5 $3.44
6-11 $3.39
12-71 $3.34
72-143 $3.29
144-287 $3.19
288-575 $3.09
576-1151 $2.99
1152+ $2.89

🌟 Hey there, I’m Chad, the Little Light Up Tambourine, and I’m here to shine a rainbow in your rhythm! With my dazzling LED lights in groovy Green, bodacious Blue, and popping Pink, I’m the life of every party! 🎉

🎵 At a petite 5 inches in diameter, I’m the perfect handheld disco that fits into your life (and your handbag). Need to light up a Birthday bash? I’m your guy. Want to add a sparkle to your Wedding? Say ‘I do’ to Chad. Fundraising event? I’ll shake up those donations like no one else! 💃🕺

🔋 Running on three AAA batteries, which are totally replaceable, I’m ready to glow all night long. Just give my ON/OFF button a tap, and watch me transition through a spectacular light show of Strobe, Chasing Flash, and a Color Change/Blink Combo that will make even the wallflowers dance. 🌼🕺

🎨 Don’t be fooled by my pretty colors; I’m not just a pretty face. I’m built to get the party started and keep it going until the sun comes up. So whether you’re looking to entertain the kiddos or just want to dance in your living room like nobody’s watching (except maybe your cat), I’m here to bring the beat! 😸🥁

💡 So what are you waiting for? Grab a Chad and let’s get this light show on the road. Because with me, every hit is a hit, and every party is lit! 🌈✨