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4 Inch Glow Stick White Pack of 50


Colors: White
Batteries: Non-Replaceable
Dimensions: Sticks: 4″ Necklace: 30″
Weight: 0.027 lbs


Quantity Price
1-11 $18.99
12-23 $18.79
24-47 $18.49
48-71 $18.29
72-95 $17.99
96-119 $17.59
120-143 $16.99
144-191 $16.59
192+ $15.99
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Say hello to me, Luminous Larry, your friendly, glowing party stick turned professional diver! Yep, you read that right, I’m not just a party rocker but an ocean explorer as well! 🌊🎉

Now, before you raise an eyebrow, let me assure you, I’m no stranger to the depths. When you think of diving, don’t just imagine fish and coral – think of me, your favorite glow stick, lighting up the mysterious ocean floor like a disco! 🕺🐠

Petite and packable, I am only 4″ long with a 30″ necklace, and I’m as light as a feather at 0.027 lbs. In fact, I might just be the best-looking, least annoying buddy you’ll ever take on a dive. Bet your scuba partner can’t claim that! 🎒💃

No need for pesky batteries with me around. Just give me a little bend until you hear a crack (that’s just me warming up), then shake me up to light up your world. And don’t worry, my glow is all thanks to a non-toxic, super safe chemical. I care about the ocean as much as you do! 🌏💖

Sold in packs of 50, all of us glow sticks come with our own string necklace. We’re the gang ready to transform your every dive into an underwater fiesta! 🐳🎊

So, if you’re looking for a little fun, a dash of safety, and a whole lot of glow, it’s time to call me, Luminous Larry, the glow stick with the brightest sense of humor and adventure in the deep blue sea! Dive into fun with me – it’s lit! 🔥🌊

  • 🎉 Dive into the fun with our 4″ white Glow Sticks, perfect not only for parties but also for underwater adventures!
  • 🔦 Commercial-grade safety tools that light your path beneath the waves, guiding you through the mesmerizing world of the deep.
  • 🎒 Portable and lightweight at 0.027 lbs, these glow sticks won’t add any bulk to your gear, making them the perfect companions for all your adventures.
  • 💡 No batteries? No problem! Simply bend the tube until you hear it crack to activate the non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark chemical for a luminous glow.
  • ✨ Just a shake is all it takes to fully release all the glow throughout the piece, illuminating your surroundings in the mysterious underwater world.
  • 📏 Measuring a convenient 4″ in length with a 30″ necklace, our glow sticks are the perfect size for easy carrying and quick illumination.
  • 🛍️ Each pack contains 50 glow sticks, ensuring you’re always prepared whether it’s for an impromptu party or an unexpected diving trip.
  • 🌊 Not just for land, our glow sticks are perfect for lighting up the dark passages of the ocean, making them a versatile tool for your outdoor activities.
  • 👌 Each glow stick comes with a string necklace, ensuring easy accessibility whether you’re exploring the ocean depths or dancing the night away.
  • 🌐 Our Glow Sticks are environmentally conscious, containing a non-toxic chemical for a safe and fun glowing experience!