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4 Inch Glow Stick Blue Pack of 50


Colors: Blue
Batteries: Non-Replaceable
Dimensions: Stick: 4″ Necklace: 30″
Weight: 0.027 lbs


Quantity Price
1 $18.99
2-4 $18.79
5-9 $18.49
10-19 $18.29
20-23 $17.99
24-47 $17.59
48-95 $16.99
96-191 $16.59
192+ $15.99
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Hello there! 👋 I’m Bio-Lumina, your faithful, glowing companion! I’m not just any old glow stick. No, sir! I’m a 4-inch blue glow stick, born in a lab by a group of hardcore biology boffins who were researching ecology. 🌳

I was designed for those daring adventures down dark forest passages and for spelunking the hidden corners of the world. 🌎 But, I’m not just for fun and games, I’m a reliable, commercial-grade safety tool that lights up the way like a tiny bioluminescent torch. 🏮

My brilliant blue glow isn’t a party trick, it’s science, baby! 🧪 Just give me a good bend, listen for my crack of excitement, and then shake me like a martini! 🍸 Once you’ve awakened my inner glow, I promise to keep you safe and visible in all your outdoor activities. 🌃

But wait, there’s more! I come in bulk packs of 50, so you’ll never be alone in the dark. And each of us comes with a handy 30″ necklace so you can keep your hands free for more important things… like holding marshmallows or playing the ukulele! 🍡🎸

Oh, and don’t worry about me going dark on you suddenly. My glow-in-the-dark chemical is non-toxic and won’t need any battery replacements. After all, who has time to look for batteries in the wild? ⛺️

So, grab a pack of us Bio-Lumina glow sticks today. With just 0.027 lbs of weight, we’re the lightweight champions of outdoor safety! We’re ready for action, are you? 🚀

  • 💡 Designed for Safety: Bio-Lumina isn’t just a party accessory. It’s a commercial-grade, blue  glow stick, perfectly suited for outdoor safety and exploration. 🌲🌃
  • 🔵 Vibrant Blue Glow: Emitting a strong, entrancing blue glow, it’s a beacon in the darkness, an ally in your outdoor adventures, and a fun party companion. 🎉🌌
  • 💪 4-Inch Powerhouse: Don’t let my 4-inch size fool you. I pack a powerful punch and can light up your way in the darkest paths or forest trails. 🛤🌳
  • 💼 Available in Bulk: You can order Bio-Lumina glow sticks in bulk. A pack of 50 means you’ll never run out of light in your explorations. 💫🎒
  • 🔬 Non-Toxic, Safe to Use: We contain a non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark chemical that’s safe for you and the environment. So, you can light up without worry. 🍃💙
  • 🚫 No Battery: We’re hassle-free! No more searching for batteries in the middle of an adventure. 🌄🔋
  • 🎖 Lightweight & Handy: Weighing just 0.027 lbs, Bio-Lumina glow sticks won’t weigh you down. They’re the lightweight champions of outdoor safety! 🏋️⛰
  • 💎 Easy Activation: Just bend the tube until it cracks, shake well, and voila! Your very own luminous companion is ready to guide you. 🌟🧭
  • 📿 Comes with a Necklace: Every Bio-Lumina glow stick comes with a 30″ string necklace, keeping your hands free for important tasks and fun activities. 🏞👐
  • 💚 Eco-Friendly: Developed by researchers studying ecology, Bio-Lumina glow sticks are not just fun and practical, but they’re also friendly to our planet. 🌍💖