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25 Inches Light Up Jack O Lantern Multicolored Saber Sword


  1. 🎃 Guess what? I’m 25 inches long, perfect for any spooky adventure you’re about to embark on! You can wave me high and spread Halloween cheer (or a little fright) to all.
  2. ✨ I light up the night with my multicolored saber sword! My cool and dazzling display of lights will surely make you the life of the party.
  3. 🎃 My orange handle? That’s from my dad’s side of the family. Crafted with attention to detail, it’s designed for a comfortable grip while you wield me throughout the night.
  4. 🧡 My translucent orange blade is where I get my glow. It’s my mom’s legacy to me – a bright candle that lights up even the darkest of nights.
  5. 👀 Did you notice my unique Halloween design? Printed right on my blade, it’s a one-of-a-kind touch to make your Halloween even more special.
  6. 👋 Above the handle, right before the blade, you’ll spot me – a friendly Jack O Lantern. I add a fun touch of Halloween spirit to my otherwise imposing sword form.
  7. 🔵 With a simple press of my power button, you can cycle through various exciting flashing modes. I’m all about keeping the fun and fright going all night long!
  8. 🔁 Don’t worry about my battery life – it’s as resilient as your Halloween spirit! My AA batteries are pre-installed and easily replaceable, ensuring I’m ready to party when you are.
  9. 💪 I’m built sturdy and durable so I can accompany you on many Halloween adventures to come. With me by your side, every Halloween will be an event to remember!
  10. 😈 Despite my scary exterior, I’m really a friendly Halloween companion at heart. I promise to add a touch of friendly fright to your Halloween celebrations. After all, isn’t that what Halloween’s all about?
Quantity Price
1-2 $7.99
3-5 $7.94
6-8 $7.89
9-11 $7.84
12-47 $7.69
48-95 $7.49
96-143 $7.29
144-287 $7.09
288+ $6.99

Hi there! 🎃👋 I’m Jack Saber, the brightest pumpkin in the patch, well… sort of. See, my Dad was a real round and plump pumpkin, while my Mom was a candle that could light up even the spookiest of nights! The result? Me, a thrillingly terrifying yet friendlier than expected LED sword.

Yeah, you heard it right! I’m a 25-inch long spectacle that can light up your Halloween nights with my multicolored flashes. Just call me the Pumpkin LED Sword, or your favorite Halloween Light-up Toy. Either way, I’m ready to be the life of your party. 🎉

My orange handle? It was inspired by my father’s brilliant hue, so you’ll always have a piece of the pumpkin patch with you. And my translucent orange blade? Well, that’s where my Mom comes in. She always loved to shine bright, and so do I! Plus, I’m no ordinary blade – I’ve got a unique Halloween design imprinted right on me. You’ll definitely appreciate the “LED Saber with Pumpkin Design and the Multicolored Flashing Sword vibe I carry. 🌟

Now, you see this cute Jack O Lantern mounted just above the handle and before the blade? Yeah, that’s me, your friendly neighborhood “Jack Saber”! I’m scary, but only in a fun way. With a simple press of my power button, I can take you through multiple flashing modes. I love a good show, don’t you? 😏

And don’t worry about keeping up with me. My AA batteries are pre-installed and easily replaceable. Just think of them as my endless supply of Halloween candy (I can’t get enough!). So, are you ready to add the perfect Halloween Party Accessory to your collection? I’m more than just a Pumpkin Sword. I’m a whole lot of fun wrapped up in an illuminating, spooky package. Let’s make this Halloween unforgettable! 🎃🔥