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24K Gold plated 100 Dollar Bill Replica Paper Money Currency Banknote Art Commemorative Collectible Holiday Decoration


• 24K Gold Plated PET plastic
• No actual monetary value
• Same dimensions as real $100 Bill


Quantity Price
1-9 $1.99
10-24 $1.89
25-49 $1.79
50-99 $1.14
100-199 $1.09
200-499 $1.04
500-999 $.99
1000-1999 $.94
2000-4999 $.89
5000-9999 $.84

He’s super-chill and he knows the drill
His name is 100 Dollars Bill
Who is 100 Dollar Bill?
He’s kind and always brings good will.
For short he’s known as 100 Dolla.
Call him mister or just Lala.
And when he wears his golden grille
He’s Gold 100 Dollar Bill.
For some strange cause he thinks it’s funny.
To go around town with replica money.
He’s got this really odd fixation.
To make a money decoration.

Gold never gets old because Gold never dulls. Make your memories a classic and amaze your friends and relatives with this new art collectible by

This extravagant 24k gold plated imitation bank note is a one of a kind commemorative item. Our 24K Gold plated 100 Dollar Bill Replica Paper Money Currency Banknote Art Commemorative Collectible Holiday Decoration is handcrafted with utmost care to each element which recreates the actual United States one hundred dollar bill.

Still waiting?

Join the bandwagon. It has no actual monetary value; hence it cannot be used as a legal tender. It’s for fun. This is best for business gifts, collections, and decorations.

This banknote is a wonderful display of US 100 dollar bill encapsulated in 24K gold foil plating, it has three-dimensional embossed pattern, flexible, and waterproof. This is a stunning replication and is a must for a collector!

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