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1 Case Light Up Windmill Wand Red and Blue Assorted


  • 🌈Unleash a whirlwind of color with your Iloco LED Windmill Wand. With multicolor LED lights, your nights will never be dull or boring again!
  • 🎉Bring on the excitement with the LED Spinning Light Show Wand! Its two vibrant propellers spin to create an irresistible display of dancing lights.
  • 📏Measuring a significant 16.9 inches, the LED Windmill Wand is not just a toy, it’s a statement. Get ready to grab everyone’s attention at parties!
  • 🔄Got a long night ahead? Don’t worry, your Iloco LED Wand has replaceable AA batteries. Your light show will keep going as long as you want!
  • 📦Your Iloco LED Windmill Wand comes in a case of 96 pieces. Perfect for events, parties, and all kinds of gatherings – the more, the merrier!
  • 🌟Your wand’s handle may not light up, but it definitely adds style! Available in cool red and blue colors, the handle completes the wand’s vibrant look.
  • 🎈The 16-inch LED Windmill Wand is not just fun, but safe and convenient. Easy to hold and carry around, it’s a perfect accessory for kids and adults alike!
  • 🚀Whether you’re at a concert, party, or any fun event, the Flashing Multicolor Windmill Wand is your ticket to an unforgettable, light-filled experience!
  • 🔋With a pair of AA batteries powering the LED lights, the Wand ensures high performance while keeping it easy and affordable for you to replace them.
  • 🎁The LED Windmill Wand makes a wonderful gift! Whether it’s a birthday, festival, or just because, it’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!
Quantity Price
1-2 $172.99
3-4 $170.99
5-6 $168.99
7-11 $166.99
12-23 $162.99
24-47 $159.99
48-95 $154.99
96-287 $149.99
288+ $143.99

🎉🎉Hey there! I’m Iloco, your brand new, super-amazing LED Windmill Wand! 😄😄

Don’t you just love a good light show? Well, guess what, so do I! I love spinning my bright multicolor propellers, lighting up your world with the colors of the rainbow.🌈🌈

👀Ready for a light show that’s out of this world? Well, hang on tight, because we’re about to go on a ride! My Flashing Multicolor Windmill Wand measures a full 16-inches, so I’m here to make an impact!💥💥

I come in a pack of 96, cause why have one when you can have a whole party of LED Windmill Wands? 🎊🎊 Plus, I’m all set for the long haul. Need a break? No problem! My AA batteries are replaceable. So you can be sure the party doesn’t stop till you say so! 🎈🎈

Oh, and did I mention my super cool handles? They come in red and blue! Although they don’t light up, they surely add a pop of color and make me super easy to carry around.🚀🚀

So, why wait? Grab your LED Spinning Light Show Wand and let’s get the party started! You’ll be the coolest kid on the block with me, Iloco, your 16-inch LED Windmill Wand! 🌟🌟