In our current economy everyone needs a few extra dollars. Blinky sales are a great way for one to supplement his or her income or for fundraising projects.

Stand on busy streetcorner in a theatre, restaurant, hotel and/or shopping district with blinkies on your hat, ears and even bottom lip.

Go to a sporting event such as the San Francisco Giants Games or Golden State Warriors games. In the summer of 2002 when the Giants went to the world series I went to games and wore lots of blinkies on my ears and on my baseball cap and walked around ATT Park during night games. People would stop me and say “hey, where did you get those?” Then I’d sell them some. Later, I went to the games, but instead I went to the parking lot after about the fifth inning and waited for the people to come out. This is called the “blow.” I would stand near the parking lot with a display and people would buy tons of blinkies and I would sell three to five hundred dollars worth every time.

Bars and clubs are a great place to go with blinkies. If you wear some in there someone is always bound to ask about them and of course drunk people tend to be loose with cash.

Finally, I sell them here and there when I am doing my everyday errands. I wear some to the bank, the post office, the grocery store, and I just slide a few of whatever style I’m wearing in my pocket, and I usually make a few sales here and there. I also give them away to clerks, doormen, taxi drivers, waitresses, bartenders, and just about any service people that help me in a store. This gets me special treatment and discounts all the time. For example when I went on a recent trip to Vegas, I was wearing blinkies during my travels. I had on a bunny blinky, a jet bomber necklace and a mood ring. I didn’t even give any away to the flight attendants and they still gave me free headphones for the in-flight movie just because they liked my blinkies. When I went to the car rental place I gave the rental guy a red-green blinky and to return the favor he upgraded me from a compact to a full size car.