Hosting a Valentine’s Day Party?

Friends gathered at a classy dinner party

Whether you’re planning to host a Valentine’s day dinner party for all of your couple friends or an anti-Valentine’s day party for all of your single friends, there’s a lot of planning and prepping that needs to be done. Here are the elements you need to consider when putting your party plans together.

Atmosphere. Setting the mood for any party is key. Are you going for a romantic vibe? Stock up on candles and classy, romantic decorations. If you’re going for anti-Valentine’s day vibe, go for broken hearts and anti-conversation heart candies.

Food. Food is, perhaps, the most important part, depending on who you ask. For a romantic party, choose classy red and pink foods like spaghetti and cherry lime sorbet. For an anti-Valentine’s day party opt for fries in a wrapper that says “Fries Before Guys” or cut a heart shaped pizza cut jaggedly down the middle.

Activities. After the food has been served and everyone is winding down, provide activities for the group to enjoy. For a traditional party, consider watching a romantic movie or playing a few rounds of “Name that Movie” using only romances. For an anti-Valentine’s day party, get a piñata or play a round of “Battle of the Sexes”.

Decorations and Favors. No party is complete without decorations and favors. We have everything you need from rose petal cannons to LED blinking roses to blinking jewelry and more. Using decorations that can double as party favors is a great way to save money and give guests a night to remember.

No matter that kind of Valentine’s Day party you’re planning this year, make sure that you’re prepared with everything you need. You can browse more of our inventory at to get what you need to make this Valentine’s Day one for the books.

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