What happened to my webmaster?


♬ original sound - Matt Jacobs

I have this web developer who does work on my website, he is in India and he's been doing work for years, for me.

Ever since COVID, he's never available and I’ll ask him to do something and it doesn’t get done. And finally, trying to get someone else in there and I just Skyped through them and let them know.

Like, hey, just so you know, somebody else is gonna be working on the site. It's like what are they doing on the site I’m like, well, they're doing what I've been asking you to do for months.

And then he's like, just give me 30 minutes. So now, now that he's losing, they'll probably try to get in there but I think it's too late.

But the thing is, is like the guy, the other guy that I'm trying to get to do the work is gonna cost a lot more.

So, I don’t know.

It’s tough.