Crypto Homies


Crypto Homies

♬ Homies - TheWilliam

Hey, I’m at the NFT Show in Las Vegas, I met the crypto homies booth.

I want I want you to meet this guy. Hold on just a second.

Hi I’m Jonie from NFA and Crypto Homies.

Crypto Homies - the original creation of David Gonzales for almost 30 years ago. It’s a legendary brand and we created this amazing little figurines that we are selling in vending machines for 50 cents, but now you can find them on eBay for $50 to a $100.

David Gonzales sold them for a 120 million of these figurines. Created for over 30 different licenses, T-shirts, to anything you want coaster so we took the first series six figures and created Crypto Homies.

That’s gonna be our first drop. its gonna be cool.

every NFT actually comes with a Snoop Dogg. Original Song all animated. Very cool.

Check us out!

Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot.