Bek the Artist #art #nftartwork

@magicmatts Bek the Artist #art #nftartwork ♬ original sound - Matt Jacobs

Hello everybody this is Bek. Im at NFT Expoverse. She's a gorgeous artist. I love her stuff. And I'm just gonna flip over and let her show you.

Are you ready?

Hi everybody I have a paintbrush - as an artist. I am at NFT Expoverse in LA. So I am an artist and I paint and then I do my art into NFT’s or I put them in products.

I’ll show you.

Can you believe this?

I got, cards, I got posters, these are some of the most fabulous things that I put my actual painting on shoes.

I’ll show you.

This is the original painting on a shirt and then I added to shoes.

This painting.

This one!

Beks Art come to say hello. Check out NFT as an art.