Refrigerator MAGA Magnet 24K $100 Donald Trump Gold Plated Bank Note

You may love him. You may hate him, but I guarantee you know who he is.

We all know Donald Trump.

But here are some things you may not know about him. Apparently, he wasn't a great student in elementary and junior high so his parents ended up sending him to a military school. It couldn't have been too bad though, because it's pretty well known that Donald Trump doesn't even drink alcohol.

He also donated to charity a portion of his profits. From the book The Art of the Deal.

In 2007, Donald Trump actually fought W W E C E O Vince McMahon in front of 85,000 people. Also, Donald Trump won sued Bill Maher, for calling him a son of an orangutan.

However, he dropped the lawsuit for some reason shortly after it happened.

This is the Donald Trump Maga magnate magnet. These are 24 karats gold plated and it's a lovely picture of your boy Donald Trump. There on the front. All the fine detail that you'd expect to find on $100 Bill .

It’s yours.

Slap it up on your fridge!