Ten Thousand US Dollars 24K Gold Plated Fake Banknotes

July 14th, 1969 - the US retired all bills for over One Hundred dollars but in 1862 the US government began burning Five Hundred thousand, Five Thousand, and even Ten Thousand Dollar bills.

That’s right.

Actually, Ten Thousand Dollar bills were in circulation by the United States Government. There are estimated to be Three Hundred and Ten Thousand Dollar bills still in existence today.

On the Ten Thousand Dollar bill, appears former Secretary of the State and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - Simon P. Chase.

This 24-Karat-Gold-Plated fake bill is pretty nice.

You’ve got your boy Chase there and all details are pretty authentic to what the real bill looks like on the front and on the back. You can see all the gold leaf, you can see the rays, numbers, and letters and this is actual real 24 karat gold. So, it’s a great item to put in your collections.