50 Dollar Bill 24k Gold Plated Fake Banknote for Decoration

Apparently, the 50 Dollar Bill is the most expensive bill to produce. It cost 19.4 cents to make each one, and the 100-dollar bill only costs 15 and a half cents.

I don’t know much about this President Ulysses S. Grant, I haven’t studied him very much but that’s him on the 50 Dollar Bill. At least he was starting in 1914 before that Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and Henry Clay, and Ben Franklin all appeared on the 50 Dollar bill at some point.

This 24-karat fake bill of the 50 Dollars is pretty nice. I mean, this Ulysses S. Grant. President Ulysses S. Grant looks pretty tough, pretty strong. The colors on here are pretty nice, you’ve got some red. It actually copies the original bill very closely and then on the back we can see the US State Capital.

Apparently, this is the view you would have if you were standing at the Ulysses S. Grant memorial and looking out at the capital.