1000 Dollar American Bill 24k Gold Plated Fake Banknote Currency For Decoration

Many people don’t realize that $1000 Dollar Bills actually exist. The continental business started issuing paper money to help fund the revolutionary war including the Thousand Dollar Bill. However, the Thousand Dollar Bill wasn’t actually printed out until the civil war.

The thousand dollar bill was last printed in 1946 and was discontinued in 1969. Alexander Hamilton was featured on the original one bill this was known as the series 1918 blue seal bill.

In 1928 the US Mint printed the green seal bill which featured Grover Cleveland.

This 24-karat gold plated fake 1000 Dollar bill features Grover Cleveland but these are just fun collector’s items with no monetary value.

A real 1 thousand dollar bill was reported to sell for over 2 Million dollars at an auction in Baltimore.

Only crypto millionaires can afford that. So this bill is a great way to add a fun replica to your collection without breaking the bank.