Guide to Amazon Top 10 Light Up Toys

One really cool thing about Amazon is that they publish lists of their most popular items in different categories. At we couldn’t ignore the most popular light up toys that Amazon sells.

Here is the list of their top 100 light up toys.

#1 – 300 Assorted Sized Glow Bracelets and Necklaces

The most popular light up toy on Amazon is this set of 300 assorted sizes and colors of glow bracelets and necklaces:

These are safe and bright and quite a great deal. If you are having a glow party you couldn’t go wrong securing this set of awesome glow jewelry.

#2 – High Quality Lightsaber with Real Sturdy Metal Hilt

Our number one entry was more of a budget item with big bang for the buck, but next comes a high quality, premium light toy for connoisseurs of Star Wars themes toys.

This saber comes in gun metal or black colored metal and the Red, Green, Blue version has 11 color modes to choose from.

This lightsaber is really effing cool! It has several sound modes and it can even be combined with second lightsaber in order to make a double saber – Darth Maul style!

#3 – LED Finger Light Gloves

These are some really cool light show light up gloves.

For those not familiar with light shows, take a look at the video below.

Amazon’s #3 entry for top selling light up toy will help you put on a light show like this for your friends, but it takes a lot of practice!

#4 – 458 Piece Set of Glow Toys

This set of 458 pieces of glow toys, may be even a better value than the number one entry. At the time of writing the price of this set is even lower than the price of the number one entry from this list.

This set is pretty cool. It comes with 200 assorted color glow sticks and connectors to make glow glasses, flowers, bracelets, necklaces and even a glow ball.

#5 – Set of 50 Assorted Glow Glasses

This is a fun set of glow bracelets that comes with enough connectors to make 50 assorted color glow glasses. This is a highly rated, economical and fun set of glow toys.

#6 – High Quality, Super Cool Light Saber

This awesome light saber is similar to the #2 light saber from this list. It is actually made by the same manufacturer. This is the more deluxe model with a stronger hilt.

#7 – Kids Sids LED Light Show Gloves

This is the kids version of the #3 best selling light up toy on Amazon. This is for young folks that enjoy giving light shows.

#8 LED Glow Sticking Poi Kit

LED Poi are another way to create amazing light shows. This is a deluxe kit for spinning poi to your favorite music. It looks like the creators have thought of everything from multiple customizable patterns to spinning comfort. If poi spinning is your thing, this kit comes highly recommended.

#9 – Spinning LED Pattern Windmill Wand

Here is a simple and economical light toy that is fun for folks of all ages. The spinning soft blades make crazy cosmic patterns of leaping light. These would be great for parties, bar mitzvahs and even weddings.

#12 – (#10 & #11 Not Available) – Zapper (Fake Taser) Toy Gun

Hey, this is a pretty cool idea. Its a fake taser! Kids will have fun pretending to incapacitate each other with this light up fun gun.