Laws Around Drones For Private Investigators

If you bought a drone, there are several drone laws of which you should be
aware. Once you have this information, you will be able to use your drone safely.
If the drone weighs more than 250 grams, you have to register it with the FAA for
an ID number. The cost is only five dollars to cover all your drones for three
years. You’ll get an ID number, which you have to put on the outside of the
drone. Many people use printable stickers, but you also can use a label maker to
put the number on the drone.
Remember that the sticker needs to be on the product’s outside. This change is
new. The old rules let you put the ID number in the battery compartment.
However, not every drone has to be registered with the FAA. There are some
drones available that weigh 249 grams, so it has an exemption.
Other Rules
To fly safely and legally, you need to follow these rules:
● Fly the drone below 400 feet
● Keep the drone within eyesight
● Do not fly the aircraft in restricted airspace
● Do not fly around other aircraft, and stay away from airports
● Do not fly over groups of people
● Do not fly the drone over a sports event or stadium
● Do not fly the drone over emergency scenes, such as fires
● Do not fly the aircraft when you have been drinking
Many of these are common sense. You need to have plenty of that when you are
flying your drone. In addition to the FAA rules we mentioned, noted that national
parks have banned drones. It’s too bad, because overhead footage of national
treasures such as Yellowstone would be a great reason to own one. But there is
something to be said for not having a bunch of drones flying over Yosemite.

Also remember that DC airspace is restricted, so use care if you are operating a
drone near the nation’s capital.
There are some other rules that the FAA is considering. First, the FAA intends to
create a knowledge test for recreational drone flyers. We don’t know how difficult
the test will be, but you can expect something like the written part of driver’s
So, if you are planning to own and fly a drone, it’s important to know all the rules
above. And remember to be respectful of other people when you fly your drone. If
someone doesn’t want it around them, please take it elsewhere.