“Cross Capture” YoYo Trick on a Skyva Magic YoYo

Get your Skyva Magic YoYo here:

This is a pretty fun yoyo trick. It's not too hard but looks pretty cool. I performed this recently on Tik Tok

The transcript follows:

Hey, Everybody Magic Matt here from Blinkee.com and I haven't done any yo-yo trick videos in a little while.

I've been doing some other stuff. I've been doing my  balancing magical salt shaker trick. And I did some Kung Fu videos.

And I've been doing a lot of tick tok videos. I love YouTube, but tick tok is fun. I tell ya. It's really fun doing videos on tick tok and I'm gaining a lot of followers there. I need some more subscribers here on YouTube. That's what I'm going to work on next.

And since it's mother's day, I know it's almost over, but Happy Mother's day. Mama probably won't see this today, but maybe you'll see it in a few days and you'll know that I wished you happy mother's day to the whole world. So the whole world could see. Okay. Happy mother's day. Love you, mom.

So I'm going to do this trick today. It's called cross capture it's with my Skyva Magic YoYo. Very cool yoyo, super luminescent green. And it's a nonresponsive yoyo.

Fun, fun, fun, fun. Yo-yo for good tricks. And uh, this is called cross capture. Here. It goes.

Cross capture. Hey, not perfect. Just learned it. I'll perfect it. And I'll do another sequel. I'll do a version number two perfectly.

Okay. Until then really loved seeing you. And we'll see you soon.

You smell delicious. Take care.