Magic Matt performs “Laceration Binds” on a Skyva Unresponsive Magic YoYo

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Magic Matt recounts his YoYo adventure. It all started when the Duncan YoYo man came by Matt’s local 7-11 in Santa Monica. Right away Matt was hooked on YoYos. The YoYo had Matt wrapped around its finger.

The transcript of the video follows:

Hey everybody, Magic Matt here from

I'm here at the creek in Fairfax and I don't know when I'll be back at this spot again. But this is a lovely spot. This is where my kids grew up playing in this Creek. Countless times swimming and splashing and playing in the Creek. It's beautiful. I can hear some music being played on guitar nearby. People congregate here during the summer and cool off. It's really nice. Redwoods all around here. Kids playground, right to the left right behind the camera over there.

I'm just happy to be here and bringing this great video to you. I wanted to talk about yoing and my yoing adventure or yo-yoing. Some people call it yoing. I like to say yoing. It sounds kind of funny.

I started in third grade, I was at 7-11 buying some candy probably. And the Duncan yo-yo man came by and he was pitching yo-yos and I bought a yoyo and he had a little contest and I went and entered one of these contests at the local 7-11.

And after I practiced a while, I won one of the contests. And then I was supposed to go to the all city Santa Monica contest at the Santa Monica place mall. But my ride, I couldn't get a ride. So the parent that was supposed to give me a ride didn't do it. I didn't make it. The big first prize was a Huffy bicycle, like a dirt bike. And I think I could've won. I saw the guy but I didn't make it.

So I yoed for a few years after that, throughout the years of my childhood. And then I put down the yoyo for awhile, went in the military, stuff like that.

And then in my twenties I picked up the yoyo again and I progressed and I got better and better. I put it down. And throughout my life I've had different times where I've yo-yo or not.

I find it's really good for like if you're on a computer a lot, which I do. It's good for loosening up the wrist, you know, the whole wrist action carpal tunnel session.

So I have my Skyva Magic yo-yo here and this is a great yoyo. I've been using this one for my videos a lot. It's a nonresponsive yo-yo and I'm going to do a new trick I learned.

So I'm in the process of learning some new tricks. I've done over the past 31 days. I've done basically 31 different tricks and, I'm trying to learn some more now so I can keep bringing nice videos for you. And the one I got prepared right now is a laceration bind. And it's not a trick per se, but it's part of a trick. It could be used during tricks.

So with a nonresponsive yo-yo, once you throw the yoyo down, you can't just yank it back up because it won't do that.

It's made not to do that because you want to be able to do slack tricks where you toss the string in slack mode and if you toss the string and it's a responsive yoyo, it'll just come back to your hand.

(Got some sirens going on here. So I hope everybody's okay out there with the sirens. Let that pass by and we'll get there Bernoulli effect soon. That's when the siren changes pitch because it's moving anyhow.)

So I'm going to do this trick. It's a laceration bind with the yoyo, and what it does is it allows the yoyo to come back to the hand. So up until now, I've been doing binds like this, like that's a bind. So I had to double the string and then it kind of gets caught up in there a little more, and it, gets thick enough so that it can bind on the axle and come back to the hand. So that's the way I've learned how to do binds before. But now I'm learning this new thing called the laceration bind where I don't have to manually stick the string in there like that. So this is a laceration bind that I learned.

That's the laceration bind in the front. Now I'll show you on the side style

That's the laceration bind on the side style.

So, Hey, it's been fun. Beautiful day. Thanks for sharing it with me and I'll see you soon.