Magic Matt Performs “Plastic Whip” & Silly Dancing on a Skyva Unresponsive Magic YoYo

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Magic Matt moves into the realm of Slack yoyo with his latest trick "Plastic Whip" This is a basic entry level slack trick where the yoyo string is whipped down to catch the sleeping yoyo. This is done with a non-responsive yoyo.

Amusingly, Matt makes the most of the "whip" theme from the trip and dances some 80s style dances while singing Whip It by Devo (poorly)

The transcript of the video follows:

Hey Magic Matt here from

I was just thinking about my favorite eighties song.

Go forward!
Move ahead!
Try to detach it!
It's not too late.
To Whip It!
Whip It Good!

Anyway, I'm doing this trick called plastic whip and I thought that goes with the trick, you know, Whip it Devo?

Remember that? Some of you don't remember but I can't help you. I'm a little old I guess, but I'm still having fun.

That's the thing. I don't act old.

So I'm going to do this trick called plastic whip. It's not a very difficult trick. It's on of the beginning yo-yo Slack tricks.

So it's a different kind of trick.

With most of the tricks I've done so far on YouTube, the string is in taught mode. It's taught, it's pulled tight at the end of the string.

As you can see, that string is taught. But with slack tricks the string actually gets loose in the slack mode.

And this is plastic whip. I'm going to whip the string down and catch the yoyo like that. So I've whipped it down and caught it around the yoyo and around my thumb.

That's plastic whip. It's a really cool trick. Now I'm going to do it slow motion too.

That's really cool. So I'm going to cut it in.

I'm going to say goodbye. I'm going to cut the slowmo version into the video, so I'm going to say goodbye. Thanks for watching

Magic Matt

Whip it Good!