Magic Matt Performs “Barrel Rolls” on a Skyva Unresponsive Magic YoYo

Get your Skyva Magic YoYo here.

In this video Magic Matt performs one of his favorite YoYo tricks: "Barrel Rolls." It's a pretty impressive trick that is easy to pull off and looks great.

The narrative of the video follows:

Hey everybody, Magic Matt here from

And you know what? I'm not stuck at home. I'm staying home cause I want to stay home. I feel like staying home, I'm doing it in protest. You know like John Lennon and Yoko Ono did their protest in the 1970s of the Vietnam war by staying in bed?

Well I'm staying at home until they put yo-yos in the Olympics. That's right. And now it's been delayed a year. So there's still time.

I want the YoYo in the Olympics. That's what I want. And I'm staying at home until they put yo-yos in the Olympics.

This is my Skyvia by Magic yoyo. And you know, being at home, it's not so bad. It's actually pretty fun.

Since I'm staying at home on purpose, it's pretty fun. I'm having fun with my yo.

As a matter of fact, I'm having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. More fun than a barrel of monkeys. And this trick and I'm about to do is call it a barrel rolls.

So check it out. It looks pretty cool.

Barrel rolls? And it can be done in reverse too. It's pretty fun.

Good trick. Looks good. Pretty easy to pull off.

That's barrel rolls.

Thanks everybody for watching

Magic Matt

You smell great. See you next time.

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