Magic Matt Performs “Man on the Flying Trapeze” on a K1 MagicYoYo YoYo

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Hey Magic Matt here from

And I'm stuck at home as you know, because of the global Corona virus pandemic.

It's terrible, but it's getting better.

And you know what, I was trying to come up with another, you know, like witty, like segway type, you know, like jokey thing for this next trick that relates to what's going on, but couldn't really think of anything.

So I'm just going to do the trick.

So this is called "Man on the Flying Trapeze and his Brother" and "Double or Nothing."

So here it goes.

The man on the flying trapeze and his brother

Double or nothing.



That's man on the flying trapeze and his brother and double or nothing.

And it's Magic Matt,

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You got it!

You're the man!

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