Magic Matt Performs “Eiffel Tower” and “Magic Slip Knot” on a K1 MagicYoYo YoYo

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Hey everybody.

Magic Matt here from

And you know we're all stuck at home because of this stinking coronavirus.

But while we're stuck at home, we can still have fun at home.

But I know where they're not having so much fun. I hear in France now they have roadblocks to enforce the social distancing and a stay at home orders and all of that.

Is that going to happen here? I don't know.

But anyway, in honor of France, I have a trick for you.

It's called the Eiffel tower.

Here it goes. Ready?

Yeah. That's the Eiffel tower.

And then the cool thing is this turns into a couple extra tricks.


Now I got a slip.

No more slipknot. Tricks all done.

Thank you very much. - Blink double-E, Magic Matt.

Till next time. Take care.

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