Shamrock the Party

There once was a flashing shamock.
That sported an emerald green frock.
He kept the frock cinched
But still he got pinched.
So next year he's wearing a smock.

Irish at Heart

Whether you're Irish or just Irish at heart, you can put your festive spirit on display with flashing shamrock jewelry and accessories that will bring luck to any St. Patrick's Day celebration you attend. String several necklace strands together around your neck to create a brilliantly glimmering spectacle of light or cover an outfit with glowing pins that show your creativity. You won't need to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for a little magic on this Irish-themed holiday; with your own glowing array of light-up accessories, even the leprechauns will be envious of you.

Your Team with and Irish Theme

A flashing shamrock necklace or funky light-up sequined fedora also make excellent accessories when attending sporting events. Support your team with an Irish theme so everyone can see where your loyalty lies. If you're part of a parade or just lining the streets to watch one pass by, a glowing shamrock necklace will help you stand out from the crowd. Throw an unforgettable St. Patrick's Day party and immerse your guests in the green glow of your magical shamrock theme. As party favors or fashion statements, they're the perfect finishing touch that your day of celebration needs.

Shine by Day or Night

All light-up items cleverly stow their powerful batteries in concealed areas and come with handy power buttons that can also control different light functions, like switching between a blinking or a steady light. The batteries all have a long lifespan that will last through more than a few parties or celebrations. Buy a few items to embellish an outfit or order them in bulk to pass out to everyone you meet. Shine by day or night with the strong, clear light that uses LED technology to illuminate fun shapes like shamrocks or emojis. If you've got a question about any of our items or how they work, our customer service can help you with every aspect of your order.