Play With Light at Your Next Party

Just Because

No matter what time of year it is, it's always the right time for a party. Magical decorations set the tone of your holiday, birthday or “just because” celebration, creating unforgettable pictures and wonderful memories. One of the most dramatic transformations of your party setting is with your use of light.

A Stunning Backdrop

Set your interior ablaze with twinkling lights that you can string along walls for a stunning backdrop or drape along the ceiling for a unique focal point. If your theme is disco, go retro with a mirrored ball that will fill the room in a sparkling sea of light. Get your guests in on the fun with personal lights they can wear. Flashing rings, bracelets and necklaces will light up your celebration and make picture taking even more fun.

Transport your Guests to an Island Paradise

If your party setting is a patio or backyard, use string lights for both decoration and as a beautiful source of diffuse lighting as the sun goes down. Even your glassware can light up with LED technology for a memorable cocktail. If your theme is tropical, light-up leis and palm themed decorations will transport your guests to an island paradise. Fiber optic centerpieces can give a modern flare for graduations, Bar Mitzvahs or a space themed birthday. Bridal showers or wedding receptions will sparkle with thousands of tiny, beautiful LED lights on delicate, metallic strands.

Lights for All Occasions

Your holidays will come alive throughout the year with an ever changing array of colors that perfectly match the season. Reds, greens and golds sparkle for Christmas cheer, lighting windows,landscaping and trees. Use red lights for a memorable Valentine’s Day party and create a land of leprechauns with green lights for a St. Patrick’s Day bash. Cinco de Mayo will never be the same after a confetti of string lights illuminates your celebration. For the Fourth of July, star shaped string lights in red, white and blue will start the light show early. Purple and orange lights will bring out the magic at Halloween, while softly twinkling white LED lights will bring out the beauty of your Thanksgiving table.

Our LED lights are long lasting, able to light up your celebrations for years to come. For light up decorations and accessories, hidden batteries power both blinking and steady settings for hours of illumination. Whatever product you need to make your party special, we can help with every aspect of your decorative planning.

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