Let Us En-light-en You


Say goodbye to sad, lifeless, boring decorations and welcome a blinking array of light-up embellishments that come in a stunning range of colors for your next party. Kids and adults alike will love Christmas-themed lights, glow in the dark jewelry, light-up barware, bubble blowers and Valentine hearts. Whether your theme is golf, Thanksgiving, a bachelorette party or the Fourth of July, you'll find all the supplies you need in one convenient place. Even going back to school can be the opportunity for a party with LED shoelaces and light-up pens.

The magic of LED technology.

Don't rush from store to store looking for novelty items, backdrops and centerpieces to decorate your next event. Whether your party theme is Manhattan chic or casual backyard barbecue, it can only be improved with the magic of LED technology. String a set of lights across your backyard or dining room for an instant elevation in atmosphere. Make it the birthday party everyone's talking about with unique light-up displays and birthday favors that blink and glow, like rings, wands, headbands and necklaces. Boys and girls will love a party with a space theme and strings of lights in star shapes. Your imagination is the only limit to throwing a memorable bash where the decorations are just as fun as the party itself.

Begin at Blinkee.com

If you need to throw a party and don't know where to begin, we can help with all of the party supplies on your list that will set your celebration apart from the rest. From blinking centerpieces to illuminated tableware and glowing balloons, we've got every kind of accessory you can imagine to take your party to the next level. You arrange the napkins, cups, paper plates and tablecloths, and we'll take care of the rest with a wide selection and low prices on an almost limitless number of items for your party. Let us be your party supplies store for whatever event you're planning.