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Enough With the Roses: 11 Fun and Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Are you going to buy your partner the traditional roses and chocolates this year? Or are you going to take things to the next level with one of our unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas? 

Make this the year you finally ditch the cliché gifts and give them what they really want. Here are 11 ideas to consider. 

1. Customizable Board Game

Are board games your thing? If so, why not splurge on a customized board game? You can get a Connect 4 game with your names on it, personalized Jenga, customized tic-tac-toe, or even a Monopoly game based on your love story. 

Make sure to plan ahead and order early if you want to go this route! 

2. A Trip

Instead of an overpriced dinner with a fixed menu, why not take your significant other on a trip? Whether a long weekend or week-long adventure, pick somewhere you both have always wanted to go and surprise them. 

The only downside of gifting a trip for Valentine’s Day is setting the bar too high for future holiday gifts! 

3. Experiences

Instead of gifting things, gift experiences. You can gift a membership to a museum, a day trip to a local winery, a trip to an amusement park or the zoo, movie tickets to a movie you’re both dying to see. The list of experiences you can gift is endless. 

An experience gift means you and your significant other can do something together (or, gift them something to do with a friend) and it also keeps unnecessary clutter out of your home. 

4. Light Up Jewelry

While jewelry is a pretty traditional Valentine’s Day gift, light-up jewelry definitely isn’t the same old jewelry! From light-up earrings to blinking heart necklaces, deck your significant other in some fun jewelry, unlike anything they’ve ever received before! 

5. Bath Caddy and Bombs

If your sweetie loves baths, take them to the next level with a decked-out bath caddy. They can use it for a wine glass, chocolates, phone or iPad to watch Netflix while in the tub, and a candle to really set a relaxing mood. 

Throw in some scented bath bombs in their favorite scent and if you really want bonus points, run the bath, pour the wine, and light the candle and surprise them the next time they get home from a long day at work.

6. Jewelry Box or Dish

Instead of jewelry, think of something they can keep past jewelry gifts in. A pretty jewelry box to sit on the floor or on the dresser can hold everything from rings to necklaces to earrings.

If you don’t want to go that route, a pretty jewelry dish for the sink or nightstand is a special gift. You can customize it with their name and your anniversary date or pick a design you know they’ll love. 

7. Wine Subscription

Do you and your partner fancy yourselves amateur sommeliers? Why not invest in a wine subscription for them? Whether you choose a wine club membership for a winery that you love or one that sends wines from different wineries, you can choose what they like and customize a new wine choice every month. 

This is a great way to make sure you always have a bottle on hand and to try some new wines you might not pick up on your next shopping trip! 

8. Beauty Box Subscription

If your loved one is a beauty lover or wants to be, a beauty box subscription is a great idea. Each month, they’ll get a box in the mail with new make-up, perfume, and other beauty products. 

These aren’t just for the ladies either! You can also find boxes geared towards men that have men’s facial products, high-end shaving supplies, and manscaping tools!

9. Date Night Bucket List

Do you and your partner have a list of dates you want to go on or places you want to visit? Why not make him or her a date night bucket list? Write down some of these dates on slips of paper and put them in a nice box or jar. When date night comes around, pick one out, and enjoy! 

Not only is this an inexpensive and easy gift to make, it also makes sure that you and your significant other are doing more than the same old dinner and a movie date night.

10. Coupon Book

No, we don’t mean a book of coupons for toilet paper and cereal. Give your significant other a coupon book they can cash in for things like cooking them dinner, a foot rub, massage, or any other special thing you like to share that doesn’t happen very often.

You can get creative and make this on your own or even buy one that’s personalized for you and your partner! 

11. Custom Heart Face Socks, Boxers, or Underwear

This one is really more of a gag gift, but it’s hilarious. You can order custom socks or men’s or women’s underwear with your face in a heart on them.

If you want to see them laugh on Valentine’s Day, this is the way to go! Who wouldn’t want their partner’s face on their feet or bum?

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Impress Your Partner

This list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas should get you through this year and the next few holidays. Instead of the same old same old gifts, impress your sweetheart with one of these unique and special gifts.

When it comes time for gifts for the next holiday, keep us in mind! Our light-up jewelry is a great choice for any occasion and you can even create a custom design