Set Your Hands Alight with an Ethereal Glow

Light-Year Leap

Subtle yet dazzling, glow rings take you on a light-year leap forward in fashion, their creative use of technology melding with a glowing display of unabashed artistry. Make a statement with a truly unique piece of jewelry that captures both style and illumination in one eye-catching design. The ethereal glow takes an age-old jewelry innovation in a modern direction, creating a new classic you can use to express your own personal sense of style. These are rings that give a one of a kind look that will draw all eyes to you, and they can be used as the center of attention or as an accessory that highlights your favorite outfit. Measuring just over an inch in length, they're the perfect size to fit on any finger.

Stunning Glow

These charming glow rings utilize LED technology, creating hours of beautiful, diffuse light that comes in every shade of the rainbow so you can make a bold statement with your favorite hue. The materials used are non-toxic and long lasting, requiring no maintenance to continue their stunning glow. A hidden button on the underside of the ring turns the light on and retains its glowing hue until you turn it off again. You can expect them to maintain their ability light up for hours and hours under normal use, becoming an accessory you'll want to wear every time you need to add a little drama to the occasion. Once turned on, they'll continue to emit their beautiful light for hours, long enough to last through dinner or a party with their steady and haunting illumination.

Fun and Festive

Choose from a list of colors that creatively express something that is personally meaningful to you or match them to each outfit you own. There are plenty of uses for such an innovative product, such as displaying your fashion sense with a color that coordinates with your latest ensemble. If you've got a Halloween costume or cosplay outfit you want to embellish with something really memorable, glowing rings can be the perfect final touch that completes your look. These rings can make an excellent gift for yourself or for anyone in your life that enjoys unusual and unique ways to express themselves. Buy them in bulk to hand out at a party or cover your fingers in rings for a fun and festive look.

Glow Rings Puzzle game512x512bb

Glowing rings have truly made a place for themselves in the Zeitgeist, appearing in the favorite Glow Rings Puzzle game for tablets and smartphones. By matching the same colors in each row of rings, players will challenge themselves to a new high score in what is sure to be one of the more addictive games available.

DIY Glow Ringsmaxresdefault

While it's possible to make your own glow rings, some of the rarer components may be difficult for the ordinary person to obtain. The base of the ring can be made from a variety of materials, such as carbon fiber, metal, wood or plastic. The glowing insert is where the real magic occurs, and this can be fashioned to glow as a backdrop to the main design of the ring or to stand out as the primary motif. You can make use of the radiant material as a design element that makes geometric shapes, recreates Nordic runes or spells out your initials. Using resin and bonding agents, the two materials can be fused together into a single unit to wear on the finger of your choice.