Tie One On This Christmas

Beauty is in the tie of the beholder...

This Christmas blinking, flashing, sequined neckwear light up the dance floor, compliment gift-giving underneath the tree, and dress you up for holiday caroling or festive gift shopping. Whether your style calls for neckties or bow ties, the vivid shades of bright scarlet, scintillating silver and lush green will coordinate perfectly with the festivities and inspire seasonal cheer in everyone you meet.

Instant Party

Embellish your favorite Christmas sweater or formal wear with the perfect finishing touch. In this season of office parties, family get-togethers, visiting with friends and school celebrations, a light-up tie is an instant party once you put it around your neck. Buy this unique neckwear for that last-minute occasion you get invited to so you've got an outfit on hand you can put on in seconds that will always be a hit. If you sing in a choir or caroling group, buy light-up neckwear for every member to define your look and set the flashing pace to the tempo of the music. Light up your cubical with your neckwear for a bit of holiday cheer or greet your customers in flashing neckwear that will bring a smile to their faces.

Not a Fruitcake

Light-up ties also make wonderful gifts even for the hard to please on your list. Wrap a package in seasonal paper and then use a tie for the bow to give two gifts at once. If you're looking for a teacher's gift, office gag, secret Santa, present for the postman or something to send to the neighbors that isn't a fruitcake, this one size fits all gift is perfect for any age. You can attach neckwear to a pet's collar for a memorable family photo. You could even top the tree with a bow tie in place of the traditional star for a charmingly whimsical look. There's no limit to the creativity with an item this versatile, so let your imagination run wild.

Fashionably AppropriateFlashing EL Wire Red Bow Tie for Men Night Rave Parties

The ties come attached to an adjustable band for the perfect fit. Each tie gets its power from long-lasting batteries that hide within the tie's design. A power button controls not only the on and off functions, but also gives a choice between a steady light and two different flashing tempos. Buy a bowtie to match your favorite outfit or buy neckwear in every color so you're never without fashionably appropriate accessories. If you want to purchase them in bulk, our customer support can assist you with all the items in your order.