Set of 12 Christmas Table Decorations Poinsettia Flowers Fiber Optic Light Up Centerpieces Price: $39.99 (as of 26/01/2021 08:14 PST- Details)


This Holiday Season gather family and friends around Red Flowers Light Up Holiday Centerpieces! With bright red petals and lively green leaves, this Party Centerpiece brightens any home, reception, or event. Fiber optic strands run through the stems of each flower and at the touch of a button come to life in a multitude of colors. To activate your Fiber Optic Flowers Centerpiece, remove pull tab and press button located at the base of the flowers. Cycle through 8 LED functions: Color Change Red Steady Green Steady Blue Steady Red + Green Steady Blue + Green Steady Red + Blue Steady All Colors Steady NOTE: Some simple assembly is required. To assemble, insert the Fiber Optic Flowers into the center of the base. Flowers may come compacted right out of the package. Fan them out by the stems to achieve a full-looking flower arrangement.

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