Light Up Shark Gun Toy with Spinning LED Lights Price: $12.99 (as of 10/04/2023 02:15 PST- Details)


Prowl the seven seas and strike terror in your enemies with Shark Spinning Light Toy Gun. Light Up Aquatic Blaster features a futuristic robo-shark equipped with an assortment of colorful and bright LEDs. This Light Up Toy Gun is a great gift for sea-faring pirates and space-bound travelers alike. Team up with the king of the ocean for: Festivals, Birthdays, Halloween and more. To activate your LED Shark Gun, remove pull tab and squeeze the trigger. Lights on the back flash red, blue and green. On the center, located behind a clear-faceted cover red, blue and green lights spin. Red light projects from shark’s open mouth, casting shapes on smooth surfaces like walls and floors.

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