Seventies Mood Rings with 1 Free E Mood Ring

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Product Description

If you spent thirty years locked in a penitantiary. You’d be shocked to see mood rings in the twenty first century. Your mood while you wear one you cannot conceal. The chart below shows just how the wearer would feel. These rings will foil any disguises. They are excellent quality and come in assorted sizes. The sizes we have are 6, 7, 8, and 9. Do you feel bored or do you feel fine? I will give you a free electronic mood ring with every order of classic mood rings. No more than five free electrinic mood rings per order. For small orders please leave a note in the comments what size you would like out of 6, 7, 8 or 9. Larger orders will be assorted sizes. MOOD RING COLOR CHART BLACK TENSE NERVOUS HASSRASSED OVER WORKED WHITE FRUSTRATED CONFUSSED BORED GRAY ANXIETIES NERVOUS STRAINED BRONZE JITTERS, ANTICIPATION, RESTLESS THOUGHTS AMBER NERVOUS EMOTIONS MIXED UNSETTLED COOL PINK FEAR UNCERTAIN UNANSWERED QUESTIONS BLUE-GREEN INNER EMOTIONS CHARGED SOMEWHAT RELAXED YELLOW IMAGINATIVE, WONDERING THOUGHTS, OK FEELING BLUE RELAXED, AT EASE, CALM, LOVABLE ORANGE STIMULATING IDEAS, DARING WANTS DARK BLUE VERY HAPPY, LOVE, PASSION, ROMANCE GREEN AVERAGE READING, ACTIVE, NOT UNDER GREAT STRESS RED EXCITED, ENERGIZED, ADVENTUROUS, READY TO GO PURPLE SENSUAL, CLARITY, PURPOSE IS KNOWN

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