Light Up Flying Saucer

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Product Description

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a flying UFO! Not really, don’t worry, it’s just for fun, don’t cha know. To activate the LEDs in your Light Up Flying Saucer, slide the switch on your wheel to ON. Plug the circle into the black handle; fits like a puzzle. Hold the handle in one hand & with the other hand, pull the string & release it FAST. Your Light Up Flying Saucer will take off into the sky!

Dimensions: Handle Height: 5.00 in. Disk Diameter: 9.75 in.

LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red in each wheel with steady LED Light

Plastic Colors: Blue, Jade & Pink assorted color wheels, and black handle launchers.

NOTE: 1 Light Up Flying Saucer Wheel per Light Up Flying Saucer order.

Includes 3 AG10 Batteries. Batteries are replaceable by carefully removing the top center piece of the wheel.

Flying Saucers are packaged individually in a poly bag.

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