Fiber Optic Star Wand

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To improve your freindship bonds – Gift them fiber optic wands. Liven up your seminars with flashing wands with flashing stars. Lots of these you should be stashing. Hit the switch to start it flashing. Each pack of 24 comes with 3 Stars in each of the four colors which includes: Blue, Green, Red, and White. To activate the wands, simply push the button located on the handle and it will begin to flash. Each wand flashes its respective color with the exception of the white star which flashes Blue, Jade, and Red. Height: 14.0 in. , 35.56 cm. Width: 2.0 in. , 5.08 cm. LED Colors: Blue Wand: 1 Blue, Green Wand: 1 Jade, Red Wand: 1 Red, White Wand: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red Batteries: Includes 3 AG13 Batteries.

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