1 Dozen LED Zig Zag Sequin Fedoras Assorted Colors


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Each LED Zig Zag Sequin Fedora has 6 LED lights embedded 360 degrees along the center, surrounded by thousands of tiny sequins. The sequins add an extra splash of sparkle when the LED lights begin to flash. Every Zig Zag Fedora can be customized by the user to the light mode of their choice: random light flash, blink or steady light. NOTE: LED Zig Zag Sequin Fedoras are sold by the Dozen. When you order 1 piece, you are ordering a set of 12 LED Zig Zag Hats. Therefore, when you order 9 pieces, you will receive 108 LED Zig Zag Sequin Fedoras Assorted Colors. 1 Dozen LED Zig Zag Sequin Fedoras come in Assorted Colors of Purple, Pink, Black, and Blue. AG13 batteries are pre-installed and replaceable.

Additional Information

Weight .708 lbs
Dimensions .1 x .1 x .1 in

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